Cotton and blooms


Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Kids' Photoshoot

Occasionally, (okay maybe alot) I find myself scrolling through Facebook or some social media and see the cutest darn pictures of friends’ kiddos. Often they’re genuine and candid. And seriously oh-so-dang cute. There is nothing like the pics of babies– even fur babies– with nothing but a grin to make the shot perfection. BUT I also love stylized, fancy, family photos. We have come a long way since the nineties in terms of family photos. By all accounts #awkwardfamilyphotos have grown out of the zitty middle school phase. Between Photoshop and the myriad of filters one has to choose from, it’s relatively easy to get a great, frame-worthy shot!

A few weekends ago I got a spark of motivation and we decided to have our own fancy photo shoot. It turned out so much better than I thought it would! Poppy and Elle have had a thing for “Happy and You Know It” lately so that was the jam that inspired these cutey grins.

For a backdrop, you can hang up a white twin bed sheet or tablecloth from the ceiling or bookcase. Voila! We shot in front of an open window for some natural light and went to town. It was all said and done in about ten minutes. I uploaded them to Photoshop Express in my phone (free app what what) and played around with some of the black and white filters. Boom. The contrast in “Silvered” really made their perfect little features pop.

I’m going to blow these up into big enlargements and frame them with a big matte for a monochromatic kiddo gallery wall to spice up our boring shotgun hallway. It’s kind of straight out of The Shining right now. Yikes.

I’m SO excited to get these up on the walls. I love that we got the fancy look of a stylized shoot and the happy and you know it feel of our adorable goobers!