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March 22, 2019

Craftsman Trim diy

Craftsman Door Trim

Hey y’all! Doesn’t Craftsman moulding just make you feel good? Just me? I love the clean, crisp lines and the classic, timeless vibe. It’s like people homes with Craftsman trim don’t have to worry about the little things, because every doorway and window is fighting the bad fengshuei for them. A few weeks ago, I decided that we needed a little of that positive-moulding-karma in our lives because I packed up the girls and we filled the car to its capacity with white pine boards. (There would be many more trips, as one can only carry so much with two carseats in a crossover.)

Before any of the new beautiful boards could go in, we had to remove the old stuff first. Through trial and error, I have found that the best way to do this is by first SCORING the sides of the existing moulding so that the old caulk doesn’t rip holes into your drywall that you have to go back and patch when you go to pry it off the wall. 

I took a smaller crowbar that I found at Home Depot and a hammer to the edges and worked my way around, and then just ripped it off the wall. You end up with a lot of boards with nails sticking out of them. PRO TIP It’s helpful to hammer the nails down flat to the old moulding as you go, so you don’t impale yourself. 

Once all the old trim is down, you’re ready!


Door Trim

First, I measured the length of the door from the floor to the bottom of the header. I used my circular saw to cut the 1x4 boards to that length and then I nailed them up with my trustee RYOBI Airstrike. Love that guy.

Next, I took a piece of pine lattice moulding and cut it to be a 1/2 inch wider on each side of the door way. I nailed it to the tops of the 1x4s. 

After that, I chose a 1x6 for the header because I wanted a really chunky look at the top. The length of the 1x6 is the same  as the width of the door from each outside edge of the 1x4s. —  When the baseboards go in, we’re going with chunky 1x6s  there too so there will be some symmetry. It probably excites me more than it should. 

Finally, We used a 1x2 at the top, which was the same length as the lattice, 1/2 inch extra on each side!

Fini! Such a simple fix! 

How Easy Was That

Obviously I still have a little work to do. We’ve got all the doors up, working on the windows (post to come!) and of course filling the nail holes, caulking, and painting but hey, I’m feeling like a proud mama. So much better. I can feel the Craftsman vibes washing over me already. What do you think? Are you a Craftsman fan or Is there another style of trim that you love?